Customers and clients of Xitome Design's products and services span leaders of academics, research and industry. A few customers and the solutions from Xitome they leveraged are provided below
  • MIT Media Lab Personal Robots - When the world leaders in human robot interaction research need a high DOF/complexity robot, or custom motor control, they choose Xitome. We helped them make Nexi, Roco, and provide other components and services around their lab.
  • Navy Research Labs - NRL conducts some of the foremost research across many disciplines, and humanoid robotics is no exception. They are a customer of the Mobile Dextrous Social robot platform.
  • Myomo Inc. - A leader in Neuro-Robotics, Myomo needed help with mechanical design and development of their new technology that introduces wearable robotics to healthcare and stroke rehab. Xitome Design was able to help.
  • MIT Media Lab Cognative Machines Group - When it was time to make their next generation robot, Trisk, a high degree of freedom (DOF), haptic, high precision machine, they contacted Xitome.
  • Harvard School of Public Health - Unique requirements for a small form factor air sampling device required unique perspective and experience that Xitome had and was able to help with.
  • Georgia Pacific - A Non-traditional imaging system needed to be developed for a custom, embedded deployment. Xitome was able to design, develop and deploy.
  • United States Army Program Executive Office Soldier (PEO Soldier) - The army had an issue with wasted energy in partially depleted battery cells. A general saw our award winning PowerPlus product and decided to try it.