Denali 8 Channel Motor Controller

Now Available for Beta Test

High performance motor control is at the heart of all robotic systems.

The advent of humanoid robotics has required that just like processing, control of actuators must become smaller, faster, and higher performance to fit the mechanical and electrical constraints inherent in the system designs of humanoids. The Denali MCB is the heart of motor control for the Mobile Dexterous Social (MDS) Robot, allowing us to maximize controller density and software flexibility, while minimizing cable clutter and complexity.

This product is currently in beta test with select partners that are interested in developing systems that have tight control and space requirements. Please contact us if you are interested.

The Denali Motor Control Board consists of a daisy-chainable collection of eight dedicated microcontrollers and power electronics that allows you to perform feedback control on almost any configuration of DC actuator connected to it. This 10.7 cubic inch package provides the highest density motor control volume available on the market and is a unique solution for the needs of high degree of freedom (DOF) system designers.

In addition to the hardware, the software API is designed for and optimized for use in embedded systems. The API cross compiles and runs under Windows XP and Linux. The API is designed to minimize the complexity to get up and running, while providing you the flexibility to extend base classes and create custom movement controls for more sophisticated motion.

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