Xitome 322C Hands

Now Available for Purchase

The Xitome 322c Hands provide an optimal combination of fit, form, feel, and function. These modular manipulators can be readily adapted for interfacing with any robotic system, or even for standalone use. With 7 independent degrees of freedom (5 DOF hand and 2 DOF wrist), and human-like form and scale, they are ideal for interacting with humans, human tools, and human environments. Functionally, they offer a diverse array of grasping and gestural capabilities.

    A sampling of the features of the 322c Hands:
  • High range of motion opposable thumb.
  • Compliant fingers and thumb, for robustness, compliant grasp, and safe human interaction.
  • Human-like joint speeds, torques, and ranges of motion.
  • Simple electrical and mechanical integration.
  • Compact, self-contained, aesthetically clean design.
  • Includes 2 degree of freedom wrist for complete upper extremity below-elbow functionality.
  • Takes advantage of Xitome's own state-of-the-art high performance linear actuator, designed exclusively for safe, high power, precise, long life mobile manipulation and human interaction.

The Xitome 322c Hands are available for sale immediately, and can be customized for your application. Please contact us with any questions you might have.

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