Mobile Dextrous Social Robots

Now Available For Purchase

The MDS (mobile-dextrous-social) robot is a novel robotic platform that combines mobile manipulation with verbal and non-verbal human interaction capabilities.

This unique robotic platform combines a number of technologies (sensing, computation, actuation, control and design) to provide a first-in-class offering for those looking for the future of robotics. The balancing 2 wheeled base (RMP-200) provides a small footprint and ultimate maneuverability. The 7DOF Xitome 322c Hands and high DOF arms and torso provide dexterous end effectors that allow the system to interact with humans and the environments they live in.

Finally, the capstone expressive head enables this robot and the technologies that reside on it to interact with humans the same way they interact with each other, socially.

Under the hood is a set of actuators, controls (using the Denali Motor Controller), computational power and sensors that enable the capabilities of the MDS to only be limited by the imagination of its owner.

The commercially available MDS is based on Nexi, developed by Xitome Design, digitRobotics, meka Robotics, the Laboratory for Perceptual Robotics at UMass Amherst, and the Robotic Life group at the MIT Media Lab.

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